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wausauloner - Sat Mar 31 2012

09:48 AM #
For the last couple of days, Sue's zombie "autopsies" have concentrated on the behavior of the contagion within the zombies' bodies...

09:51 AM #
One mystery she's been trying to solve is how the zombies keep from bleeding out and drying up. Years after death, they're still wet inside.

09:54 AM #
She and her apprentices have been peeling back the layers of skin on a zombie that has been through a lot. It has wounds all over its body.

09:57 AM #
The zombie's exposed skin, muscle, and viscera are all in an arrested state of decomposition. Behind them, a kind of thin crust.

10:01 AM #
The crust, which is almost like a thin scab behind the decomposing exterior, may be a barrier protecting the zombie's still animate muscles.

10:04 AM #
Tests show the zombies' black "blood" gels behind new wounds. In time, Sue thinks the gel will become a new crust. #zompocalypse #zombology