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wausauloner - Tue Apr 03 2012

07:30 AM #
Sue has begun cutting back layers of decaying flesh around the mouth of the immobilized zombie. The wiring, armature, & cement hold it fast.

07:33 AM #
Bright lights are in place. All eyes (& a video camera) are watching for the release of steam, indicating the oxidation of foreign material.

07:36 AM #
We're hoping we can get a look at any alien growths emanating from the zombie's brain before they dissolve. The mouth area is key...

07:39 AM #
We know from past experience that most zombies became infected through the bite of another zombie. Scratches & blood spatter aren't enough.

08:11 AM #
Sue has cut thru all the outer layers of the zombie's flesh. Its muscles keep twitching, but her cuts are small and controlled. #zombies

08:19 AM #
Sue cut through the tough, scab-like layer beneath the decomposed flesh under the lip. A tiny bit of steam came out immediately.

08:31 AM #
Sue is making cuts in the zombie's lower jaw, working her way back from the front. Tiny bursts of steam keep popping out. #zompocalypse

08:43 AM #
Whoa...a splash of black goo erupted from a cut in the zombie's lower jaw area, near the back. It sizzled away. Some got on Sue's visor.

08:46 AM #
There wasn't much of it. The stuff came out like one of those weird zit-popping videos on YouTube, back when our Internet was still around.

09:24 AM #
Sue has now removed the zombie's lower jaw. Trace amounts of the black fluid are running out of it, steaming away. #zompocalypse #autopsy

09:29 AM #
Since the rest of the zombie will "keep," more or less, Sue is going to further examine the lower jaw she removed before decomp accelerates.

02:52 PM #
Sue's report of her findings: vacated channels of flesh in the zombie's lower jaw indicate where infiltrations of the zombie contagion were:

02:55 PM #
The salivary glands were gone. In their place, something alien had grown. Outgoing tendrils wrapped around the roots of the zombie's teeth.