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wausauloner - Wed Apr 11 2012

08:27 AM #
Word is spreading about Sue's "live autopsies" of captured zombies. It's having an important result, even without a lot of concrete answers:

08:29 AM #
...The consensus forming among the general survivor population is that the zombie contagion may be mysterious, but it's not supernatural.

08:32 AM #
Of course, that's not what the Rapture's Reapers cultists believe. Their charismatic leader, Anon, weaves a twisted story for his followers.

09:54 AM #
There's a problem at Kurt and May's--their planned trip here to the Farm Colonies is off. She's in pain and the baby is in distress.

09:56 AM #
I'm outside Sue's infirmary, ready to drive her to May as soon as she finishes briefing an apprentice about a tricky case she was treating.

01:35 PM #
Whatever ailed May and her baby was over before I got Sue to her door. Mother and unborn child are doing better now. Sue is puzzled.

01:38 PM #
She says it could be any number of things. Without proper diagnostic tools, she can't be sure what happened. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:42 PM #
After another woman lost her baby last week, Sue is taking no chances: She's going to stay with May until she delivers her child.

01:45 PM #
May is on bed rest until then. She knows this means giving birth to her baby near The Anomaly. Surprisingly, she & Kurt aren't concerned.

01:48 PM #
I guess for young people like them, the zompocalypse is simply a reality. Not exactly "the new normal," but the way things are. And will be.