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wausauloner - Tue Apr 17 2012

06:21 AM #
No baby yet. Kurt, May, and Sue are going stir crazy, waiting. I know the feeling, after my quarantine this past winter. #zompocalypse

02:11 PM #
Our secure radio network (using former law enforcement rigs) is being cluttered by our fellow survivors inquiring about May's baby...

02:15 PM #
There's even been a little chatter on the CB network we use for casual conversation (and false military traffic meant to impress listeners).

02:17 PM #
It's a sign of how excited people are about births these days, 21 months after the zombies rose, that people forget security precautions...

02:21 PM #
Pete and other leaders of the local survivor groups in our alliance ended the leaks quickly. Hopefully, no Reaper scout overheard anything.