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wausauloner - Thu Apr 19 2012

05:15 AM #
Screams. May's labor pains are bad. It's a good thing she's in the soundproof nursery--there's a zombie outside walking just past the fence.

06:02 AM #
I dealt with the zombie outside quietly to avoid alerting others nearby. Time for a patrol. Zombies? I can deal with them. Pregnant moms? No

10:10 AM #
No other zombies were in the area. I did a fast but thorough patrol. No way do I want zombies interrupting Kurt and May's special day.

01:33 PM #
The volunteers Sue put on call in case their blood might be needed are on their way. They're going to stay in the outpost up on Rib Mt.

06:11 PM #
May has been in labor a long time. Sue would like to induce, but there's no way to do that, thanks to the zombies wrecking civilization.