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wausauloner - Fri Apr 20 2012

02:16 AM #
It's a girl!

02:31 AM #
The child if fine, but May is bleeding and it won't stop. Sue is hooking up one of the blood donors. Gotta go help.

05:11 AM #
May is so pale...

05:42 AM #
May's bleeding finally stopped. She lost consciousness sometime around when the 4th blood donor was hooked up. Now we wait. #zompocalypse

11:24 AM #
Kurt is squeezing May's hand and holding their baby close to her. The young man--still just a boy, really--is distraught. #zompocalypse

01:02 PM #
Some more blood donors have shown up. Apparently, someone got on the CB network and reached some patrols in the area. Sue is typing them.

01:30 PM #
Two of the new arrivals are universal donors. One more is May's blood type. Sue is prepping them for a few pints toward the cause.

08:05 PM #
May's skin is pinker now. She still hasn't regained consciousness, but we can see her eyes moving under her eyelids, dreaming. A good sign.