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wausauloner - Mon Apr 30 2012

07:37 AM #
Finished my anti-zombie patrols, checked in with May and Ava (both doing fine), and now I'm off to the Farm Colonies to meet with Pete...

07:40 AM #
By the time I get there, he'll have some reports back from scouts sent out in all directions to look for Reaper or Cannibal Gang activity.

09:54 AM #
From the lack of damage to weeds poking up through cracks in highway pavement, Pete's scouts out west say nobody's moving out there.

09:57 AM #
They went fairly deep into territory the Reapers have been exploiting for salvage the last couple summers. It's strange they're not there.

11:45 AM #
I'm putting together a small group to go looking for Shawn, Tina, and the others on the missing Millennium Mallard. #zombies #zompocalypse

11:48 AM #
May has recovered from a difficult delivery sufficiently for Kurt to resume anti-zombie patrols in my absence. Jason has volunteered to help

03:44 PM #
We're packed up & ready to go. We leave in the morning on horseback, cross-country, to avoid the road traffic our scouts detected out east.

07:24 PM #
.@jreyna77 I have a sturdy wall built with salvaged cinder blocks from a nearby manufacturing plant around my home...

07:25 PM #
.@jreyna77 The Farm Colonies out west of town, where most local survivors live, are too big to surround with walls except for small areas.

07:37 PM #
.@jreyna77 All other area survivor groups have walls or fences of some kind, and most have some kind of layered defense. #zompocalypse