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wausauloner - Tue May 01 2012

04:39 AM #
We're heading out. We've got radios, a portable solar rig to recharge batteries, and other supplies on extra horses. Also: a mini-anomaly.

04:42 AM #
The bucket is sealed, its foul contents in a state of anaerobic decomposition. Bringing it near cell tower sites will let me keep tweeting.

04:45 AM #
The portable weakness between worlds lets my tweets into your world (and back again), picked up by the DARPA station at the primary Anomaly.

04:48 AM #
Pete has a crew in the automated station 24/7, giving us one-way communication to our friends here once we get out of radio range. #zombies

10:15 AM #
I'm at a cell tower site on high ground 20 miles NE of Wausau. We are staying away from the towers near highways, so tweets may be sporadic.