Twitter Fiction Reader

wausauloner - Thu May 03 2012

04:35 AM #
Still in camp near this cell tower. We're taking cover because we hear a distant high-pitched motor. Noise travels, but it's coming closer.

04:54 AM #
It was a man on a mini-bike, following the road north. No obvious cultist gear. We can't keep up, but we'll head that way too. #zompocalypse

03:51 PM #
Riding horseback on both sides of the highway, we were able to watch for signs the mini-bike rider turned off. We don't think he did...

03:54 PM #
We're in an area of the Northwoods where some local survivor group removed all the road signs to confuse outsiders. We think we're...hold on

03:56 PM #
We hear the mini-bike again. From the north. Taking cover.

03:58 PM #
There are more engines this time, not just the mini-bike.

04:15 PM #
The mini-bike and two trucks just went past our position, heading south. One of the trucks had people in the back. They were tied together.

04:18 PM #
We didn't get a good look at the people tied up in back, though one was a black man and could have been Shawn. #zombies #zompocalypse

04:21 PM #
We've talked it over. There's enough moon for us to ride horseback. We'll take the shoulder to travel quietly and head south ourselves.

04:24 PM #
We hope those we follow will stop and make camp soon. We'll be watching for a fire and listening for any sign of them, traveling slowly.

04:27 PM #
Traveling at night is dangerous, but the horses should give us advance warning of zombies. We just have to see our quarry before they see us