Twitter Fiction Reader

wausauloner - Sat May 05 2012

11:01 AM #
I'm in Rhinelander at the site of a cell tower that must have an analogue in your world. I found it last fall and left a bucket of goo here.

11:04 AM #
The anaerobically decomposing zombie flesh inside provides a growth medium for tendrils emanating from the decapitated heads suspended in it

11:07 AM #
Those "networked" brains generate a Mini-Anomaly, a smaller, shorter-ranged weakness between worlds that lets my tweets reach your Earth...

11:10 AM #
Sorry for the recap...I guess I'm still processing what we've learned, and what has happened in the last couple days. #zompocalypse #zombies

11:13 AM #
The last time I could text my tweets at leisure, I told you our small group was on horseback, about to embark on a dangerous nighttime ride.

11:16 AM #
We were looking for the camp of some people we'd spied passing by: They were on a mini-bike and in two trucks--one with a cargo of captives.

11:19 AM #
One of the captives looked like our missing friend Shawn, which pushed us to make our nighttime ride, despite the dangers. #zompocalypse

11:22 AM #
We'd traveled several miles in the dark before we first detected our quarry: It was the smell of cooking. Roasted meat.

11:59 AM #
I had to help my escort from Camp Tesomas deal with a few curious zombies. Back now. Ok...we had dismounted and continued on in the dark...

12:02 PM #
We quickly realized we weren't sneaking up on the small camp of our quarry, but that of a much bigger group they had joined up with.

12:05 PM #
We arrived in the middle of some kind of meeting. Over 20 people were clustered around a fire where the man from the mini-bike spoke.

12:08 PM #
Undetected in the darkness, we were able to reach the truck where the captives we saw were still confined. I whispered for answer

12:11 PM #
The black man we saw wasn't Shawn. All the captives were strangers, in fact, but they were happy to see outsiders sneaking into the camp.

12:14 PM #
They begged us to let them free and help them get away. One man held up the bandaged stump of an arm: "before they eat the rest of me."

12:17 PM #
That's when we knew what we'd already suspected: The cannibals were spreading north. ...I have to go. I'll return to tweet more tomorrow.