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wausauloner - Thu May 10 2012

08:05 AM #
Finally found another cell tower site with a working analog in your world...we are near the zombie-held town of Berlin, Wisconsin. #zombies

08:08 AM #
We still haven't caught up to the men who are shadowing the cannibal raiding parties as they return home to fight the Raptures Reapers cult.

08:11 AM #
The only way we were able to follow them was because they left signs for us--debris formed into the shape of arrows--at major intersections.

08:14 AM #
We're pausing here to provide a couple of updates: First, we made contact with our radio relay group on the way south. They're following us.

08:17 AM #
By stretching out listening posts back to the Farm Colonies, we should be able to keep in touch with allies should things get hairy.

08:20 AM #
We're getting closer to the columns of smoke that our listening posts reported seeing while I was up north. They're still quite distant.

02:52 PM #
Near Waupun. About 5 miles north. We got close, then pulled back. There are a dozen or more neighborhoods on fire around edge of the city.

02:55 PM #
We saw Reaper camps around the outskirts of Waupun's north side. It's likely they're besieging the city on all sides. Couldn't get close.

02:58 PM #
Our people following the cannibals to this site left a note for us to find telling us they hoped we were following and would meet us here.

03:02 PM #
We're waiting, our vehicles & camp hidden from the highway, hoping they'll make it back here alive. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:10 PM #
Smoke from the fires burning in Waupun merge into a single tall column of smoke. We think others more distant represent other Reaper sieges.