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wausauloner - Fri May 11 2012

05:09 AM #
Still north of Waupun. We were almost discovered last night by another group of Cannibal Gang raiding parties returning from up north...

05:12 AM #
...They're actually camped out uncomfortably nearby...maybe half a mile south of here between us and the Reapers besieging Waupun. #zombies

05:15 AM #
The newly arrived group of cannibals is keeping a low profile, too. They've got a problem themselves, with Reapers between them and home.

05:18 AM #
The Reapers are concentrated in small, well-defended camps around the city. They seem content to wait, letting the fires burn out their foes

05:21 AM #
The brief glimpse we got yesterday showed us the Reapers were watching for anyone trying to cross open spaces to get into or out of the city

10:32 AM #
The Cannibals seem to be readying for some kind of action. I think they're going to hit the nearest Reaper siege camp soon. #zompocalypse

02:13 PM #
Something is definitely up with the Cannibals. I'd lay odds they'll make their move once it gets dark. As for the bigger picture, it's muddy

02:16 PM #
We've been listening in on CB transmissions. Unfortunately, both sides are using coded language to communicate with their scattered forces.

07:30 PM #
It's happening. And it looks like other recalled Cannibal raider groups are involved: There are more behind us, out of site of the Reapers.

07:33 PM #
We're seeing shadowy groups, including many vehicles, moving into position to strike as feints from within Waupun distract the Reapers.

07:36 PM #
Once the Cannibal forces have moved past us we're going to follow at a distance and take up hidden positions where we can watch the fight.

07:39 PM #
The mini-anomaly that lets me tweet from this site through to other worlds is short-ranged, so I'll be out of touch for awhile #zompocalypse

09:53 PM #
Bugging out! The attack went terribly, horribly wrong. So much death...Reapers in pursuit. We have to go NOW. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse