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wausauloner - Sat May 12 2012

04:25 AM #
Back in range of the primary Anomaly after a headlong flight during the night. After I sent that final tweet last night, men found our camp.

04:28 AM #
It was my missing companions, the ones who stayed behind so I could lead the cannibals' prisoners to safety. They had other men with them.

04:31 AM #
The additional people had been reluctant members of the Cannibal Gangs. I guess you could call them escapees now. They've requested "asylum"

04:34 AM #
They escaped when the Cannibals' attack on the Reaper siege-camps failed. They met my friends when they all tried hiding in the same attic.

04:37 AM #
What do to with these new Cannibal "asylum seekers" will be up to Pete and other area survivor group leaders. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:40 AM #
They've been forthright on the return drive. They've shared a lot of good intel already, mostly about the fight we just witnessed. #zombies

04:43 AM #
One of the men was on comm duty. He says the Cannibals' attack went so wrong so fast, it was a surprise reversed: "They knew our codes!"

04:46 AM #
We're coming up on one of the new gates Pete had constructed on the roads leading to Farm Colonies land. There will be more to tell later.

12:14 PM #
I've got some time to share some more about what happened last night when Cannibal elements outside Waupun tried to break the Reaper siege.

12:17 PM #
The asylum-seekers tell us the Cannibals had a well-coordinated plan with simultaneous attacks on Reaper positions from inside Waupun & out.

12:20 PM #
Decoy attacks from inside Waupun were meant to keep the Reapers' attention away from the main attacks, but the cultists were ready, waiting.

12:23 PM #
The Reapers waited until Cannibal forces outside the city got in close, then lit up the night with spotting lights, exposing the attackers.

12:26 PM #
Reaper rifles then picked off the surprised, blinded Cannibal attackers, killing many before they could find cover. It was a massacre.

12:29 PM #
The asylum-seekers we brought back said Waupun--the prison there, actually--has been the base of one of the strongest Cannibal Gangs...

12:32 PM #
But soon Waupun, and many other Cannibal strongpoints, may be in the hands of the Raptures Reapers cult. Now we know what they've been up to