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wausauloner - Sun May 13 2012

08:33 AM #
Questioning the asylum-seekers has led to news about Shawn, Tina, & the rest of the missing people who went east in the Millennium Mallard.

08:36 AM #
The asylum-seekers heard stories of how a zompocalypse-modded tourist duck escaped from a Cannibal Gang raiding party a few weeks ago...

08:39 AM #
The Cannibals tried to to capture the Mallard intact, but their caution allowed it to escape (amphibiously crossing a river, naturally).

08:42 AM #
The Cannibals and Shawn played a cat-and-mouse game for many hours until he drove into the dead city of Appleton. This could be good or bad.

08:46 AM #
Appleton & surrounding cities were hit hard by more natural plagues of old in the months after the zombie plague struck. So many died there.

08:48 AM #
That's why the Cannibals gave up their chase. Shawn and I barely survived our time near there last winter. He knew it was their only chance.

08:51 AM #
So, either Shawn and the others died in Appleton or they're alive and quarantining themselves somewhere. I doubt they're still there.

01:15 PM #
Pete has recalled the radio relay team and the other scouts we have out in the eastern territories. It's too dangerous out there right now.

01:18 PM #
Shawn will either make it back here or he won't, but at least we have a good idea what happened and what his plan is to return safely.