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wausauloner - Mon May 14 2012

06:18 AM #
The ex-Cannibal asylum-seekers continue to cooperate. The one with comm experience has provided a list of shortwave frequencies to monitor.

06:21 AM #
Overnight, The Farm Colonies' comm crew up on Rib Mountain took notes on a flurry of discussions that they overheard on those frequencies.

06:24 AM #
Those transcriptions are on their way here so Pete and I can go over them with the asylum-seekers. Hopefully, we can make sense out of them.

01:49 PM #
We've gone over the transcribed Cannibal Gangs' HAM radio conversations. Revealingly, the names of a few places and people kept coming up.

01:52 PM #
The named people are all mid-level commanders. The named places: the border forts and outposts they controlled in the Cannibal territories.

01:55 PM #
The Cannibal transmissions vilify those commanders as traitors. We think the Reapers bribed them to gain safe passage across the Wisconsin.

01:58 PM #
If the transmissions are correct, the Reapers used those defections as part of a huge encirclement strategy executed over the last few weeks

02:02 PM #
Those defections also explain why the Reapers knew all the Cannibals' codes, spoiling the counterattack we saw--and probably others.