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wausauloner - Wed May 16 2012

07:02 AM #
"Normal" (as if anything is still normal in the zompocalypse) spring plans are in turmoil. Planting crops is our number one priority, but...

07:04 AM #
...plans to clear out more areas of zombies are on hold. Pete has put a priority on patrols and building up defenses--preparations for war.

07:07 AM #
The Reapers may have the Cannibal Gangs on their heels, but they're far from defeated. Still, there are things that need to be done.

07:10 AM #
The new gates being constructed on major routes into The Farm Colonies' territory are one such measure. Bunkers behind them are another.

07:13 AM #
Pete has plans to upgrade the gates over time with ditches, drawbridges. We don't have as many people as the Reapers, so we need every edge.

01:31 PM #
We keep listening to the Cannibals' HAM signals for updates on their war with the Reaper cultists. Now both sides are using the same freqs.

01:34 PM #
The Reapers mostly taunt the cannibals, but they're also doing some sick sermonizing, promising "everlasting undeath" to their enemies.

01:37 PM #
One call you hear often is: "Renounce the eating of flesh by the living!" The sick Reaper cult has an issue with cannibalism, but not the Zs