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wausauloner - Fri May 18 2012

08:05 AM #
I've been talking with the ex-cannibal asylum-seekers about countermeasures their former leaders developed to deal with the Reapers' tactics

08:08 AM #
The thing I wanted to know most was what the Cannibal Gangs do to reduce the effectiveness of the Reapers' modern-day "fire ships."

08:11 AM #
The Cannibal Gangs call them "Zombie Wagons" -- livestock semi-tractor trailer rigs with ram-plates up front, carrying a cargo of zombies...

08:14 AM #
I suppose that's a good enough name for them. The Reapers use them to breech fences & walls during sieges, emptying their cargo once inside.

08:17 AM #
The armored fronts make them hard to stop using weapons, but the Zombie Wagons are big and unwieldy and their tires are a vulnerability.

08:20 AM #
Blocking roads, blowing bridges, digging ditches, placing road spikes, and shooting out tires have all been used to mixed effect. #zombies

08:23 AM #
The main thing is slowing the Zombie Wagons' momentum so they can't break through the defenses, keeping the dead away from defenders inside.