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wausauloner - Tue May 22 2012

07:32 AM #
I finished today's anti-zombie patrol on the south end of the area I try to keep clear of the undead. With this breeze, the air is very bad.

07:34 AM #
The smell comes from the 2-1/2-year-old heaping piles of zombie corpses on the I39 bridge over the Wisconsin River. It has become pungent.

07:37 AM #
Many months ago, I cleared a path through the piles of undead flesh left behind by the National Guard's stand there on Zday. Nobody uses it.

07:40 AM #
The path is a mess. The mushy mounds of necrotic flesh, which I moved out of the way using a front-end loader, have collapsed with rot.

07:43 AM #
As disgusting as it is, the blockage on the bridge probably wouldn't stall a full-scale assault if the Rapture's Reapers come this way...

07:46 AM #
So here I am, considering the option of blowing up the bridge... Am I crazy? Would it even make a difference? #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse