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wausauloner - Wed May 23 2012

09:29 AM #
Working in my gardens, with Shorty standing guard against zombies, is giving me time to think. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:32 AM #
I've considered yesterday's thoughts about blowing the I39 bridge. It wouldn't work. There are too many ways the Reapers could get here.

09:35 AM #
I have to face facts: There are only three reasons why the Farm Colonies and my little island of safety haven't been attacked by Reapers...

09:38 AM #
1) There were easier pickings. With 99% of the population dead (though still walking around), most of the 1% were scattered and vulnerable.

09:41 AM #
2) The Reapers (and apparently, most other survivors) fear this place and The Anomaly that caused the zombie plague. Perhaps rightly so.

09:44 AM #
3) Unfinished business. When I first learned of the Reapers, they were laying siege to Fort McCoy. They've been in more fights ever since.

09:47 AM #
Now, almost three years into the zompocalypse, the Reapers have grown to the point where they can defeat any foe, take anything they wish...

09:50 AM #
And, based on the propaganda we're overhearing on HAM radios, the Rapture's Reapers' insane leader, Anon, clearly does not fear anything.

09:53 AM #
I can only assume, therefore, that there has been something else that stays Anon's hand. At least, so far. I wish I knew what it was.