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wausauloner - Thu May 24 2012

09:02 AM #
Feeling paranoid. I'm spending the day making sure all the secret cache sites I've set up over the last couple years are well-stocked.

09:04 AM #
Previously, these caches had emergency supplies and stuff useful for fighting or evading zombies. Now I'm adding more general use items.

09:06 AM #
A few will include salvaged body armor, lots of ammo, even some improvised explosives--things I'd only need against human opponents.

09:09 AM #
Am I overreacting? I don't think so. The zompocalypse is no time to be naive. Predatory survivors are becoming a bigger problem than zombies

04:18 PM #
I don't like the looks of this green sky. It FEELS like a storm is coming, but with The Anomaly around...who knows? #zompocalypse #zombies

09:05 PM #
The storm has passed. The survivors at Fort NTC say things got hairy on their side of Wausau. Part of their anti-zombie fence is down.

09:08 PM #
I just took a peek at The Anomaly. It's hanging there in the sky like a steadily glowing green star, apparently unaffected by the storm.