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wausauloner - Fri May 25 2012

06:28 AM #
Fort NTC's anti-zombie fence is fixed. It would have been BAD if the storm damage had happened when their local zombie numbers were higher.

08:09 AM #
Today I'm taking my paranoia to a new level: checking out sites around my home that someone might use if they want to recon the area...

08:12 AM #
Anybody who comes by, such as scouts from the Reaper cult, would quickly see signs people actually live around here, then try to learn more.

08:15 AM #
It's happened a couple times before, and though the threats were less dangerous than the cultists, one occasion led to a young man's death.

02:35 PM #
I've set up some surprises connected to trip wires in strategic locations--places where spies are more likely to go than zombies. #zombies

02:38 PM #
Nothing lethal (I don't want to hurt innocent refugees or travelers) but if they're tripped it will ruin any hidden surveillance efforts.