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wausauloner - Sat May 26 2012

08:28 AM #
From what we're hearing on recent radio intercepts, the Reaper siege of Cannibal-held Waupun had some interesting developments...

08:31 AM #
The winds before Thursday's storms whipped up a couple fires that had almost burned out. Some Cannibals panicked & tried to escape the siege

08:34 AM #
The ring of Reaper outposts took many captives, but before they could deal with them, the storm hit. Many Cannibals were able to escape.

08:37 AM #
The Reapers sent out many patrols to round up the escapees. Too many. Another Cannibal gang raid from outside the city had some success.

08:40 AM #
Maybe, if we're lucky, this big attack by the Reapers will have more reversals. I really hope they've bitten off more than they can chew.

08:43 AM #
I just realized that last tweet used a phrase that has different connotations in a world overrun by zombies & plagued by cannibals. My bad.