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wausauloner - Sun May 27 2012

12:43 PM #
Jason showed up today with a trophy he took from a downed zombie: A policeman's leather gear belt, complete with rusty sidearm. #zombies

12:46 PM #
He has no interest in the gun. He wants me to ask the budding leatherworker's guild out at The Farm Colonies to modify the belt for him.

12:49 PM #
The belt needs to be fitted for his small frame, and the holster replaced with something that will fit his trusty hatchet. #zompocalypse

12:52 PM #
He says they won't do it for him because, with conflict in the air, it's not a high priority. Hmmm... I've got an idea. #zombie #zombies

08:05 PM #
I've finished modifying the policeman's gear belt Jason took off a zombie. My idea involved just a few changes, so I managed them myself.

08:08 PM #
It is now an over-the-shoulder cargo belt with a hatchet holster on the opposite hip. Jason likes all the little pockets on the belt.