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wausauloner - Tue May 29 2012

07:02 AM #
Jason joined Shorty and me on our anti-zombie patrol this morning. We're going to scrounge some outside the perimeter the rest of the day.

09:50 AM #
The pouches of Jason's shoulder belt are slowly getting filled by useful stuff we find in abandoned homes. He's calling it his utility belt.

09:53 AM #
The kid hasn't seen a movie since before the zombies rose, almost 3 years ago, but he remembers the stories. To him, they're mythology now.

02:55 PM #
We've made a disturbing discovery: A bedroom door nailed shut in a dusty home. Something inside the room groans when we call out. #zombies

02:58 PM #
Another bedroom is a mess. There's a small amount of dried blood on the unmade sheets and a few discarded, bloody towels on the floor...

03:02 PM #
An empty window frame and a broken window in pieces outside on the overgrown lawn tell the rest of the story of what happened here.

03:44 PM #
We decided to get rid of the zombie that was still in the home. We pulled out the nails holding the door shut, then put down the monster.