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wausauloner - Wed May 30 2012

07:29 AM #
Jason and I are out scrounging near highway 29 west. I chose this area so we can keep an eye on the highway--and anyone who might use it.

07:32 AM #
What I hope to see is the Millennium Mallard carrying Shawn and the others, now missing for several weeks. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:35 AM #
What I'm afraid to see is Reaper cultists or Cannibal Gang refugees. I fear their war will spill over into the society we're remaking here.

01:45 PM #
We downed 5 zombies today. We only needed to hit one, but Jason went out of his way to get the others. He likes showing off for an audience.

01:48 PM #
We found a few useful supplies today. And something else: Several drums of sticky road tar. I'll have to talk to some others about my idea.