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wausauloner - Thu May 31 2012

06:04 AM #
I spent most of last night on the secure radio network our alliance cobbled together from Marathon County sheriff's deputy radios...

06:07 AM #
We were talking about using the drums of road tar I found to supplement the patrols and outposts that guard our borders from predatory types

06:10 AM #
My idea is to leave lines of tar across roads. It won't stop anyone, but we can check the lines regularly to see if anyone drove over them.

06:13 AM #
So today I'm going out to leave some of these "tar traps" on a few roads in the area. Jason is coming along, excited to be on a mission.

04:53 PM #
Back from a long day of leaving "tar traps" out on the roads leading into Wausau. We covered most of the eastern approaches. #zompocalypse