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wausauloner - Fri Jun 01 2012

07:34 AM #
Finished our local anti-zombie patrol. Now Jason, Shorty, and I are going to check our tar traps. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:37 AM #
The lines of tar are meant to leave telltale tire tracks if any vehicles drive into our area. We don't want spies or raiders surprising us.

09:53 AM #
We spot checked a stretch of roads where we left tar traps. No sign of vehicular traffic, though two deer and three zombies crossed the tar.

09:56 AM #
The deer didn't leave much of a trail, of course, but the zombies left sticky black residue for far enough for us to find and dispatch them.

04:46 PM #
We extended the line of tar traps on roads into the Wausau area to cover all the southern approaches. Most are thin, hard to spot. #zombies