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wausauloner - Sat Jun 02 2012

06:24 AM #
Before heading back out to set more tar traps I'm building a set of small portable ramps, tiny bridges that will let me drive over the tar.

06:27 AM #
We're placing the tar traps in locations where avoiding them would be difficult. We hope unfriendly visitors don't realize what they are.

07:52 AM #
Today we're placing tar traps on roads farther from Wausau than usual, beyond Farm Colonies territory south & west. Sites are near outposts

07:55 AM #
The hidden outposts have been manned for many months. The tar traps will provide additional ways of detecting interlopers. #zompocalypse

12:25 PM #
I've been talking to the people manning the lonely outposts at the edge of Farm Colonies territory. They all take their jobs seriously.

12:28 PM #
These people realize a raider intrusion could happen any time. They're not supposed to fight them off alone, but to stay alive and report.

12:31 PM #
After what happened last fall, when Reaper cultists snuck into the Colonies and kidnapped young Lindsay Marie, they are especially watchful.

12:34 PM #
The cultists used some back trails to get past the watched roads. Now trails, train tracks, and rivers all have some kind of security.

12:37 PM #
Very few of those measures involve an eyes-on approach--Pete just doesn't have the manpower--but obstacles, traps, and trips are in place.

12:40 PM #
The sad thing is, all the effort we're putting into patrols checking for signs of intruders SHOULD be spent getting rid of the damn zombies!