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wausauloner - Sun Jun 03 2012

08:06 AM #
Finishing up with my tar trap project, covering the remaining northern approaches to the Wausau area. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:30 PM #
We just had a scare. We thought we found a zombie that broke free of one of the foul roadside "shrines" the Reapers use to mark territory...

12:33 PM #
The zombie was on the side of the road, squirming worm-like in an attempt to move itself from one place to another, for whatever reason.

12:36 PM #
We thought it had broken free from a Reaper-hijacked roadside shrine (the kind that dotted intersections around here, pre-zompocalypse)...

12:39 PM #
But the reason it was moving in such a strange way wasn't the confining wire the Reapers use to install "living" zombies in their shrines...

12:42 PM #
...It was simple duct tape wrapped around the torso and arms, legs, wrists, and ankles of the dead thing that kept the zombie from walking.

12:45 PM #
We thinks somebody had tried to confine a sickened loved one, perhaps thinking the zombie plague could be cured eventually.

12:48 PM #
There was a trail behind the dead thing. We followed it backwards but lost it after awhile. It might have been crawling for nearly 3 years.