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wausauloner - Tue Jun 05 2012

08:10 AM #
One of our tar traps--lines of sticky road tar poured across a road--was disturbed last night. It was on on Cty Z, east of town... #zombies

08:13 AM #
The disturbed trap was noticed at dawn by those manning a new outpost--one Pete just established to watch Wausau's eastern approaches...

08:16 AM #
The trap worked as planned: Small traces of tar from the vehicles that ran over the trap led a quickly organized search party to an old park

08:19 AM #
The travelers were there, boiling water from the stream that ran through the overgrown county park. They were surprised, cornered...

08:22 AM #
The Farm Colonies' search party disarmed the travelers--6 in all--without any itchy trigger fingers starting a shootout. #zompocalypse

08:25 AM #
The travelers have been given food & fresh water, but they're being held until their origin & business in this area are clear. #zompocalypse

10:22 AM #
I'm off to the Eau Claire Dells park to help out with questioning the travelers that have been detained there. #zompocalypse

10:25 AM #
The park is far from The Anomaly that lets my tweets out to worlds where the zombies haven't risen, so I'm taking a portable mini with me.

10:28 AM #
On an earlier scouting expedition in that area, I found a site that will let me use it, so I will make regular check-ins from there. #zombie

02:17 PM #
I'm pretty sure these people are refugees from the Cannibal Gangs. They're not saying much (nor are we) but there are clues... #zompocalypse

02:20 PM #
They say they've been living in a farmhouse since the zombies rose--until Reaper cultists attacked and took it 3 days ago. #zompocalypse

02:23 PM #
They've mentioned nothing about the Cannibal Gangs' fight with the Reapers, which leads me to believe they're hoping we don't know of them.

02:26 PM #
I'm fairly certain they're not Reapers. They downed several zombies in the park before our people got there. That's a sin to the sicko cult.