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wausauloner - Wed Jun 06 2012

08:39 AM #
I talked with our guests for awhile this morning. There are 3 men, 3 women. They're wiry, tough. Grim. I guess most of us are these days.

08:42 AM #
I'm getting the feeling that this group knows what we're trying to find out. They won't admit to being refugees from the Cannibal Gangs.

08:45 AM #
They're pretending to have no knowledge of the Cannibal Gangs, or of their war with the Reaper cult. I find that hard to believe. #zombies

08:48 AM #
Still, it is a remote possibility. After the zombies rose and civilization fell, most communication and travel became very, very limited.

08:51 AM #
Supporting their story: There's absolutely no evidence of cannibalism in the vehicles our guests were traveling in. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:54 AM #
However, the group had no food and few supplies of any kind with them. One thing is true about their story: They left someplace in a hurry.

04:54 PM #
Further questioning isn't getting anywhere. I've asked Pete to send the ex-cannibal captured near Amherst here tomorrow. It's shake-up time.