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wausauloner - Fri Jun 08 2012

10:02 AM #
The new detainees have given up their story. They once were what they described: three couples holed up while zombies roamed the streets.

10:05 AM #
They were out in the countryside near Watertown, north of the interstate that runs between Madison and Milwaukee. #zombies #zompocalypse

10:08 AM #
"Bad luck" in the chaotic early days of the zombie uprising prevented them from joining Governor Doyle's ill-fated Door Cty evacuation plan.

10:11 AM #
But they survived that first tough winter on a few hoarded stores. They fought off zombies, crazed loners, a few semi-organized raiders...

10:14 AM #
Then, one day, they were chased out of a neighborhood while looking for food and tracked back to their fortified home. #zombie #zompocalypse

10:17 AM #
Outnumbered and outgunned, they ran, losing their home to a large group of teens and young adults wearing red bandanas--a pre-Z-day gang?

10:20 AM #
They were pursued by the gang. Relentlessly. They'd find a place to hide, then the gang would get close and they'd be on the run again.

10:23 AM #
Eventually, their flight took them into territory claimed by another gang, one already in conflict with their pursuers for scarce resources.

10:26 AM #
Unwittingly, they led their pursuers into an ambush. The accidental act gave them new found allies and safety once again. #zombie #zombies

10:29 AM #
But they soon found out that being part of the gang included certain obligations: To fight, and not always simply to defend. #zompocalypse

10:32 AM #
Things were rough in that part of Wisconsin. The zombies didn't overwhelm the population as quickly there as here, so resources were used up

10:35 AM #
Fighting over scarce resources intensified. Weak groups ran out of food, fuel, and access to fresh water. Strong leaders consolidated power.

10:38 AM #
By the second winter after the zombies rose, cannibalism had become widespread. Defeated enemies routinely became sustenance for the victors

10:41 AM #
Leaders used shame, fear, & hunger to control their followers. When food was scarce, a reluctant follower could became stew meat. #zombies

10:44 AM #
Eventually, the death toll led to an equilibrium of sorts. Fighting slowed. Deals were made. Cannibalism ebbed. Then: A new threat arose...

10:47 AM #
The Rapture's Reapers cult swept in from the south & west, pillaging the pillagers using their fanatical zeal and "fire ship" zombie wagons.

10:50 AM #
A few smart, battle-hardened cannibal gang leaders coordinated a defense that forced back the Cultists. A stalemate lasted many months...

10:53 AM #
That stalemate recently ended when a few of the Cannibal Gang leaders were bribed into letting cultist forces cross the Wisconsin River.

10:56 AM #
The Cannibal Gangs were on the ropes, though most redoubts are now holding. Our new guests broke away during a confused fight. #zompocalypse

10:59 AM #
Pete has thanked the newcomers for sharing their story--and much more than I can go into here. He's considering what to do with them now.