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wausauloner - Mon Jun 11 2012

08:19 AM #
Pete made his decision last night: The detainees who want to head for the Boundary Waters are free to do so. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:22 AM #
It's a long, dangerous journey. Some have opted to take their chances with being accepted at The Farm Colonies. They're taking a risk, too.

08:25 AM #
So is Pete. We believe these people are no longer dangerous to us or our allies, but there's always a chance this decision could haunt us.

08:28 AM #
Two things lessen the risks: 1) They saw little of our defenses and fighting capabilities, and 2) They never learned how we found them.

08:32 AM #
So, if they do return to their old ways or spread word about us, the only info they can share will make us sound mysteriously formidable...

08:34 AM #
That, combined with our reputation as "The Doomed" and our proximity to The Anomaly that started the zombie plague, might help keep us safe.