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wausauloner - Wed Jun 13 2012

08:35 AM #
This morning, Shorty and I backtracked the path yesterday's one-armed zombie took. It left a messy trail--mostly bits of fallen-away flesh.

08:38 AM #
The trail led to the north side of my semi-secure area. The zombie crossed part of the Hwy 29 fence, damaging an arm on the barbed wire.

08:41 AM #
The zombie must have nearly pulled its own arm off freeing itself from the fence. There were no repairs to be made. #zombie #apocalypse

07:41 PM #
I'm up late. Some other survivors got a good look at a point of light that's been crossing the sky a few times a night lately...

07:44 PM #
They say that, through a good pair of binoculars, you can tell it's the International Space Station, still orbiting a mostly dead planet...

07:47 PM #
With no electricity, stargazing has become a popular pastime among those of us still alive. We just have to keep an "ear" out for zombies.

07:59 PM #
I saw it! I could just make out the rectangular shapes of solar panels on the ISS. It looked a little like a bright white bug in the sky.

08:02 PM #
I'm feeling very sad now. Seeing the ISS reminds me that there are billions fewer people on the planet today than just three years ago...

08:05 PM #
The zombie plague and the collapse of society that followed killed so very many people...Can we ever reclaim this planet for the living?