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wausauloner - Fri Jun 15 2012

09:28 AM #
The tar line traps at the eastern outskirts of Wausau have detected another small group of refugees from the Reaper/Cannibal war. #zombies

09:31 AM #
The tar doesn't leave much of a trail anymore, but it is soft. Patrols check the tar often, then track down any vehicles that disturb it.

09:34 AM #
Our patrols followed crushed weeds in roadway cracks (and other signs) to find the new trespassers. They're being debriefed like the others.

02:34 PM #
I'm heading over to Ruth's tomorrow to get some work done clearing zombies from her neighborhood. It's past time we expand her safe zone.

02:37 PM #
As a side benefit, I'll be closer to the eastern edge of town if more refugees from the Cannibal/Reaper war show up. #zombie #apocalypse