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wausauloner - Sat Jun 16 2012

06:08 AM #
I'm at Ruth's house. She insisted I have breakfast with her before the day's tasks. She even gave some rare doggie treats to Shorty.

06:11 AM #
We're discussing my goal of expanding her safe perimeter. She has the run of an entire residential block of homes here on Wausau's east side

06:14 AM #
Many months ago, I helped secure the block. We filled the gaps between fences of her dead neighbors' homes with barricades of scrap wood.

06:17 AM #
She lives off what she grows in the gardens in all the backyards of all those homes, living quietly, just out of sight of wandering zombies.

06:20 AM #
Our goal now is to add the surrounding blocks to her safe zone, one at a time, clearing all the nearby homes of zombies and securing yards.

06:23 AM #
It's going to take time. We have to go slowly, carefully, taking out zombies we find as noiselessly as possible to avoid attracting more.

10:32 AM #
We're taking a break from our house-to-house zombie-clearing efforts. It's been awhile since I worked with Ruth. She looks much older now.

10:35 AM #
She may be pushing 70, but she's still a crack shot with her .22 rifle. She had to use it once, which is why we're laying low for a bit.