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wausauloner - Sun Jun 17 2012

08:03 AM #
Making sure every house on this block is (and stays) zombie-free takes a lot of work. I have to repair or barricade many doors and windows.

08:06 AM #
Not being able to use power tools--because the noise would attract zombies--slows me down, but I once did this for a living so I manage.

01:30 PM #
Our zombie-clearing efforts are being interrupted: We've got more visitors from the east. I'm on blocking duty while they're tracked down.

05:18 PM #
The patrol caught up with today's interlopers. Shots were fired this time, but nobody was hurt. They're at the park for debriefing. #zombies

05:21 PM #
The last group is still at the park, so the new group is going into a different shelter. Officially, they're under temporary quarantine.