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wausauloner - Tue Jun 19 2012

06:45 AM #
We've gone through all the homes on this block to make sure any zombies inside were put down. We've also secured all points of entry....

06:48 AM #
Today, we work to make sure the backyards are clear as we connect walls and fencing to completely secure the block from wandering zombies.

09:24 AM #
Connecting fences between homes isn't all that difficult once you know some tricks. I do a lot of creative relocating of existing fencing.

09:27 AM #
Mostly, it's moving gates and fence sections from the interior part of the block to the perimeter. I use household wiring to secure them.

09:30 AM #
I'll add screws, bolts, and nails where appropriate, eventually. The salvaged wire is just a quiet way to get started. #zombie #apocalypse

02:33 PM #
Two neighbors on this block, pre-Zday, were in the middle of putting up a new cyclone fence. I'll use it to fill some large gaps. #zombies

06:13 PM #
Heading home to get some tools I need, check on my gardens, and do a patrol in my own territory. I can't let the zombies damage my defenses.