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wausauloner - Sun Jun 24 2012

06:36 AM #
I left Shorty with Ruth while I spend some time at the Eau Claire Dells park. I want to learn more about the new detainees. #zompocalypse

06:39 AM #
There are currently no other refugees from the Reapers/Cannibal Gangs war being held for "quarantine" purposes. #zombie #apocalypse #zombies

06:42 AM #
Several other groups have gone through the process. Most moved on, heading for a fresh start somewhere far from the stigma of their past...

06:45 AM #
A few others have opted for the chance to prove themselves and join the Farm Colonies west of Wausau. They're on their way here now.

06:48 AM #
This is now standard procedure when new detainees are being debriefed. They may be recognized or known by name. Stories are checked out.

10:24 AM #
The new detainees have been positively identified: They're "Boss Bob" and his entourage from a Cannibal Gang based out of Waunakee. #zombies

10:27 AM #
Word is that the fiefdom they set up there after the zombies rose & civilization fell has been lost to the Reaper cult. #zombie #apocalypse

10:30 AM #
The Reapers targeted them because they wanted a base near Madison, which is claimed by a larger, more capable Cannibal Gang. #zompocalypse

03:30 PM #
Boss Bob and his crew aren't going anywhere for awhile. They were cannibals by choice, among other unforgivable crimes. #zombie #apocalypse

03:33 PM #
I'm staying here at Eau Claire Dells Park east of Wausau overnight. Pete wants more guards watching the detained cannibal leaders. #zombies