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wausauloner - Mon Jun 25 2012

04:23 AM #
Just coming off duty. I think Pete was right to double the guards. Boss Bob and his entourage want out. I caught them pretending to sleep.

04:26 AM #
I'm not sure what they were up to, just that I interrupted it. Looks like Pete is going to have to pull more people away from work parties.

06:55 AM #
.@mattress We'll have enough guards for individual detainment tonight. I wish we had real cells to use for cases like this.

06:59 AM #
Not that we can get to yet. They're in zombie territory. @mattress: there's no abandoned jail or police station that you could use?

07:04 AM #
Having been held in one, I hope it doesn't come to that. We're using park bldgs. @mattress: maybe a dog kennel/humane society could work?

10:56 AM #
I caught some shut-eye. Pete is going over all the information we've gathered so far from the detainees and other recent refugees. #zombies

10:59 AM #
Like other zompocalypse strongmen, Boss Bob controlled his people through violence and strictly managing their access to food and safety.

11:02 AM #
He rewarded his most ruthless lieutenants with salvaged food and luxuries like booze, coffee, & cigarettes. Others only got enough to live.

11:05 AM #
The rank and file under Boss Bob didn't get salvaged foodstuffs unless it was in "the stew." That stew always, ALWAYS, contained human meat.

11:08 AM #
The forced cannibalism kept Boss Bob's people alive, though not much more. They were kept weak, dependent, & ashamed of what they've become.

11:11 AM #
To not only kill humans for food but to force others to eat their own kind to survive...These men are animals. #zombie #apocalypse #zombies