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wausauloner - Tue Jun 26 2012

12:23 AM #
I'm not sure I did the right thing...I just stopped a woman from killing Boss Bob. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse #cannibals

12:26 AM #
A young woman came out of the dark woods & approached Boss Bob's quarters. At first, I thought she was a zombie stumbling out of the forest

12:29 AM #
I was aiming an arrow at the "zombie's" head when I realized she was moving too purposefully. I saw she held objects: a gun and a flashlight

12:32 AM #
From my watch post in the shadows, I saw her shine the light through a broken pane in the park shelter window, then raise the gun...

12:35 AM #
I still had my bow at the ready as I spoke up, ordering her to drop the gun. Fortunately, she did. I stepped out of the shadows...

12:38 AM #
I took her flashlight. Using it revealed she was one of the recent arrivals, a refugee from the Cannibal Gangs. She knew Boss Bob personally

12:41 AM #
She admitted she was there to kill Boss Bob for the life she was forced to live as a member of his gang. She endured two years of hell.

10:41 AM #
After last night's attempted assassination of Boss Bob, Pete has decided to move up the trials of Boss Bob and his entourage to tomorrow.

10:44 AM #
Radio calls went out to all the other survivor groups we're allied with to send representatives for the trials, which will be held tomorrow.