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wausauloner - Sat Jun 30 2012

09:42 AM #
We got a late start setting up the end-of-the street barricades today, but it was worth it: We went out and found a couple of school buses.

09:45 AM #
Parked across the lanes and onto some lawns up against a house on each side, they'll ll block most of the street all by themselves.

09:48 AM #
And by moving only two vehicles, we'll make less noise and attract fewer zombies so we can keep working longer. #zombie #apocalypse #zombies

12:24 PM #
The streets on this block are sealed. At Ruth's suggestion, we let the air out of the buses' tires after packing junk underneath...

12:27 PM #
The buses settled on top of the junk below, compressing it and locking it all firmly in place. No zombies will get through underneath!

12:30 PM #
We parked the buses back to back with the emergency doors removed. One main door opens to each side of the barricade, allowing pass-thru.

12:33 PM #
Ruth has the keys to the doors--and to some supplementary chains--so she can use the buses as a kind of airlock in and out of her safe zone.

04:53 PM #
We used salvaged paint to black out the windows on the buses and the other vehicles that make up the bulk of our barricades. 99%, anyway...

04:56 PM #
The visual barrier will make it less likely a zombie outside gets interested in something inside. Small gaps will let Ruth see out. #zombies