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wausauloner - Sun Jul 01 2012

06:27 AM #
Our steady progress expanding Ruth's safe zone continues. We're clearing another block. With this one, we'll have a 2-block square secured.

09:47 AM #
Radio call from an outpost a couple miles east of here: "Smoke on the horizon. Source unknown, but moving." It could be Shawn's modded duck!

10:24 AM #
The outpost has guided our small group & several other patrols to spots covering roads approaching Wausau. New info: it's not Shawn's duck.

10:27 AM #
The outpost got a distant look at the source of the smoke: An armed convoy of steam-powered vehicles. One burst a boiler & was abandoned.

10:30 AM #
The observer said the column didn't even try to salvage what the disabled vehicle was carrying. They were in a hurry, pushing on...running?

10:33 AM #
The column is too big for us to stop. If it makes it all the way up here to Wausau Avenue, our job is to observe without making contact.

10:39 AM #
The outpost has sighted another group of vehicles, evidently in pursuit of the first. Clear "Rapture's Reapers" cult markings. #zompocalypse

10:42 AM #
A patrol on Hwy Z, sees incoming smoke. As for us, we're hidden behind a double-billboard tagged long ago with WELCOME TO WAUSAU/ZOMBIE HELL

10:45 AM #
The group on Z says the column turned, heading north--towards us. They are watching for the pursuers...they see them...they've turned too...

10:51 AM #
If the cultists are chasing more cannibal leaders like the last refugee group, we hope both convoys continue skirting the edge of Wausau.

10:54 AM #
No luck. They've turned in our direction. Putting phone aw

09:54 PM #
Finally getting a chance to tweet. We have some Cannibal Gang survivors surrounded in a home. This battery is dying. Need to get a spare.