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wausauloner - Mon Jul 02 2012

07:02 AM #
I've got a good battery in my Blackberry again so I'll try to get you caught up with what happened yesterday, and what's happening now.

07:04 AM #
We stayed hidden behind those defaced billboards as the Cannibal Gang column paused at the crossroads. They turned to take 18th north.

07:07 AM #
Their lead vehicle got hung up while pushing aside a wrecked car from Z-day. Then the Reapers caught up. There was shooting. #zompocalypse

07:10 AM #
The cannibals hid behind their armored vehicles. We tried to become one with the dirt as shots that missed them whistled past us...

07:13 AM #
The outnumbered Cannibals were outflanked. They began to fall or scatter. Reapers on motorcycles chased most down, though not all...

07:16 AM #
Strangely, the Reapers didn't chase any Cannibals who ran to the west. One who started to follow them was brought up short by a leader.

07:19 AM #
We were shocked when the leader pointed at us until we realized he was pointing at the billboards' WELCOME TO WAUSAU/ZOMBIE HELL message

07:22 AM #
From our hiding spot in the overgrowth behind the billboards, we were able to overhear the Reapers talk as they savored their victory...

07:25 AM #
The leader told two of his minions to watch for any Cannibals returning from the west, but under no circumstances were they to enter Wausau.

07:28 AM #
Those two almost got close enough to see us. The rest of the Reapers, meanwhile, quickly claimed the Cannibals' vehicles as spoils of war.

07:31 AM #
Within minutes, zombies attracted by the brief firefight started showing up from all directions. The Reaper unit's leader harpooned several.

07:34 AM #
He shepherded them into the back of one of their trucks as he hooked them on his symbolic scepter. More zombies came...the Reapers left.

07:37 AM #
We left our hiding spot before the growing zombie horde detected us. My truck radio told us another group had found the remaining cannibals.

07:40 AM #
We & other assembled patrols helped encircle the home that the Cannibals' took refuge in. We've had some trouble with zombies, but not much.

07:43 AM #
We've been trying unsuccessfully to get the Cannibals inside the house to surrender. So the siege continues. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse