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wausauloner - Wed Jul 04 2012

07:36 AM #
The morning patrol around the house where the Cannibals are holed up took time -- there's been no active zombie-clearing around here before.

07:39 AM #
We have to be diligent & patrol frequently because there's no way to keep zombies from re-entering the area once we clear it. #zompocalypse

07:42 AM #
So we have to patrol and maintain an outward-facing ring of guards to watch for zombies, a bit farther out than those watching the house.

09:52 AM #
I'm going through what was left behind at the site of the gunfight between the Cannibals and Reapers at Hwy 52 and 18th Street... #zombies

09:55 AM #
The zombies that were attracted by the gunfire fed on the fresh corpses of Cannibals shot down by the Reapers. The bodies are ripped apart.

09:58 AM #
We put down a fresh crawler, a gut-shot Cannibal who lived long enough to be partially eaten before expiring and reanimating. #zompocalypse

10:02 AM #
He stopped one zombie with a knife to the skull. Others must have overwhelmed him, eating until reanimation made him unpalatable to them.

11:10 AM #
We've gone through the Cannibals' steam-powered, zompocalypse-modded vehicles. A few repairs should get them up and running again. #zombies

11:13 AM #
The Reapers looted most of what was left inside the vehicles. We found some dried, jerked meat, but there's no way we're salvaging that.

12:51 PM #
The Cannibals in the house have surrendered. After getting some water, they'll be taken to the Eau Claire Dells Park quarantine area.

03:21 PM #
The six Cannibal Gang members who survived their shoot-out with the Reapers are being allowed to rest overnight, but they're being watched.

03:24 PM #
They'll be questioned and some previous refugees from the gangs will try to determine if they're Cannibal Gang leaders. Trials may follow.