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wausauloner - Sat Jul 07 2012

10:45 AM #
The trial for the latest Cannibal Gang members we've captured is underway. So far, witness testimony is establishing their identities.

10:48 AM #
That's no small thing. There are few accessible public records. They got wiped out when civilization did. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:34 AM #
While we rely greatly on witness testimony at these trials, there is some evidence being viewed: The jerked meat we found in their vehicles.

11:37 AM #
Nobody who knows the source of the jerky will admit it's human flesh, if indeed that's what it is. Too bad there's no way to check its DNA.

11:40 AM #
It looks like the jerked meat isn't good evidence. Some who claim it has to be human flesh are being shouted down for jumping to conclusions

01:20 PM #
The defendants are telling their stories, trying to excuse what actions they'll admit to and avoid incriminating themselves for others.

01:23 PM #
They all admit to eating human flesh. All say something like: "It was either eat what they gave us or starve and be the next in the pot."

01:41 PM #
The defendants all claim that they were never party to any murder of a person harvested for food. If any did so, they know not to admit it.

03:11 PM #
The trial has taken an interesting turn: Someone in the gallery suggested we spare the steam mechanics because they have useful skills.

03:14 PM #
The idea of sparing the steam mechanics is causing a stir. Tempers are hot. Pete has decided to suspend the trial for the day. #zompocalypse