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wausauloner - Tue Jul 10 2012

09:18 AM #
I picked some proceeds from my gardens today. It feels great to eat fresh broccoli, peas, and assorted greens. We're all gardeners now!

10:18 AM #
Tomorrow, our small team will be joined by a much larger work group in our project to expand Ruth's zombie-free safe zone. #zompocalypse

10:21 AM #
Pete wants his people to see the methods we're using to clear & secure these blocks. He is coming too--mostly for another reason. #zombies

10:24 AM #
The main reason Pete is coming is to talk about what we overheard the Reapers say after they'd defeated the Cannibals. We learned something.

10:27 AM #
The Reaper leader made it clear to his unit that they were not to enter Wausau or even shoot at a Cannibal beyond the border. Interesting.