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wausauloner - Wed Jul 11 2012

07:21 AM #
This is amazing...We have 23 people silently and simultaneously checking a residential neighborhood block for zombies. We feel like ninjas.

07:24 AM #
In all seriousness, we're being so quiet so as not to attract more zombies to the area. We're using silent weapons and being very cautious.

07:27 AM #
We're being especially careful not to break glass--the sound really carries. When a zombie is put down, we all hold still & wait, listening.

09:59 AM #
The block is clear, the securing work underway. If I listen carefully, I can hear the soft whir of cordless screwdrivers wrapped in towels.

10:32 AM #
Lunch break. Pete's crew brought fresh produce from The Farm Colonies to avoid depleting Ruth's smaller stores. Time to talk Reapers.

10:43 AM #
Pete has filled us in on some other bits of intelligence picked up from refugees and escapees from both sides of the Cannibal/Reapers war...

10:46 AM #
While it is clear Anon has forbidden his Reapers from entering "our territory," we're not sure if it's for fear of widening his war or not.

10:49 AM #
We're coming to the conclusion that it isn't about that, at least not primarily. Reason? Our allies' lands are not part of the prohibition.

10:52 AM #
We know this because of some defectors our allies in Stevens Point took in. Anon had Reapers probing their defenses. #zombies #zompocalypse

12:45 PM #
Pete is most curious about whether or not there were religious overtones to the instructions the Reaper leader gave his unit. I'm not sure.

12:48 PM #
Those damn cultists couch their whole authority structure on a twisted religious framework! Everything they say is a proclamation. #zombies