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wausauloner - Fri Jul 13 2012

05:27 AM #
I stayed over to help Ruth with odd jobs as she checks out her new territory. Everybody else departed last night. #zombie #apocalypse

08:18 AM #
Now that Ruth has a 3x3 section of residential blocks secured from zombies, she has 8 more blocks of abandoned homes to find salvage in.

08:21 AM #
After almost 3 years, there's not much usable food in the homes. Rodents and insects have gotten into most cupboards and pantries...

08:24 AM #
The vermin couldn't get into everything, though most cans & jars contain liquid & they burst over the last couple of winters. #zompocalypse

08:27 AM #
Still, every now and then we get lucky and find some dry goods in a tupperware container. We try not to look at expiration dates. #zombies

04:12 PM #
I helped Ruth with some heavy lifting. She thinks she'll be fine on her own for awhile. I'm going to go check my tar traps tomorrow. #zombie