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wausauloner - Sat Jul 14 2012

06:44 AM #
In addition to making sure all the tar line traps are still working, I'm meeting with each of the outpost watchers on our borders. #zombies

06:47 AM #
With the roads mostly abandoned, I only need to touch up the traps to make sure there's enough tar in them to indicate trespasses. #zombies

09:54 AM #
As expected, I'm seeing a lot of footprints in the tar traps. The scouts say the zombies' tarry tracks make finding & eliminating them easy.

02:25 PM #
I had a feeling I was being watched as I approached one of my traps, so I turned around. I'm now parked out of sight, about a half mile away

02:28 PM #
The local outpost watcher just called me on our secure (formerly local law enforcement) radios: She saw my truck from her hidden post...

02:31 PM #
...but the feeling I had was right. There was somebody else prowling around out there, too. My arrival scared them off, whoever they were.